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tv   Bares fur Rares  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2021 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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dry the seal and. read. in 60. dollars. we've got something to observe for your bucket list. entry corner check. out support for food. and some great cultural memorials to boot. w. trouble we go. through. acres and acres of tea plants did you know that tea grows here in europe will pay a visit to the continent oldest tea plantation and find out where it is later on in
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the show. i really want to welcome to another edition of your own max with me your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming up on the program. how he won the french skater is a wowing his fans on the internet. and is this the food of the future the good steaks from a 3 d. printer. have you heard the expression actions speak louder than words well as we are about to find out that is not always the case words like these pack a punch and are normally found in comic books but some architects have decided to incorporate them into their works to bring another dimension to a building's appearance one prize winning design is causing quite a stir in you nick. the way
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that. the saxophone simulated expresses its meaning easy doesn't hurt so it's a creation of the and i'm dutch architecture for n.p.r. t.v. and recently won the most prestigious architecture award in germany the written word it seems a somewhat different function to speak. better to our ability as used by various companies and institutions often they display their lose in big letters on facades and if you feel we didn't want that language i think that would push the building itself too far into the background the rate is not noticed can only play a very minor part of the whole class. the fairfax tree site has been a scene for creativity for years now. the architecture firm called upon local artists to think of works that would look insane original on the building. together with their coworkers christian engelman and his colleague came up with a couple of snappy ideas.
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they wanted to approach it with the sort of coding for example s.o.s. who every time short times long short time of the stimulus it didn't work it was 3 times the length of the original one in fact most coding is right in the. cyber shirt but we finally arrived at a language of comics that was a long process and we quickly realized that was what we liked best and only does it see something that will express is a feeling and that was important to us and the. letters are seen on other sides as well on this gas receding station in the netherlands they represent a chemical element on this liberian cup to see eastern germany the letters overlap on and. on this former chapel in the portuguese capitalist been the lettering expresses. blessings. and this design center in your friends
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invites visitors to dine and read and dream. different. let you see him in berlin she doesn't always see words in architecture is a good idea even if she likes the playful element. and i think it could present something of a problem in architecture because it has to be planned for the long term and once a word becomes part of it and it's cast in concrete in the literal sense of the term to fix so you can't be flexible but you have to consider whether this where it's going to be attractive or interesting in 5 years' time or is that a topic we're only thinking about right now with. the old board winning construction in munich isn't the 1st building for water down based n.p.r. d.v.m. has experimented with lettering. the architecture firm tried it this idea on the off of it building in amsterdam and the white house in taiwan. and they designed this building in detroit michigan
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covered with words and can see so you can see the stuff. well new buildings on a former military base in mannheim germany form the lectures and andrew. i think you're going soft combination with a letter architecture can take on another meaning and normally the only words in the building are advertising she's not who shines the architecture. we should approach it differently and integrate it better to treat a woman here. in person he's an unforgettable impression of. the words from comic culture our us intended unique attention grabbers. next up we had to paris to meet someone who is on a skateboard frenchmen as a play on our land isn't exactly the youngest turning tricks on 4 wheels but he certainly attracts
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a good following on the internet and that is things to his creativity agility and sense of humor he's even inspiring nonce gators with his clips let's take a closer look. doesn't take himself too seriously. he's been posting his one of a kind skate videos online for 5 years they're an internet sensation. by the name of the truman burbank like jim carrey in the truman show the frenchman loves a legendary hollywood movie and just like in the truman show his urban environment becomes a film that. i used to play the clown in the classroom i love to. sing i just improvise once i arrive on the scene. is entertaining
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clips are a hit with people from all walks of life not just skateboarding fans. creases the world of. high levels. conventionally i want to entertain and i don't have to be the best eater out there great thing about my skin is that they do so anyway america. portuguese can understand. the persian 1st. for by the time he was 16 he was practicing 8 hours every day his tricks are inspired by his surroundings like this construction site in a paris suburb. on these great. but i tried to get creative using a. pool of new. padding rocks to the
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great is key for making this happen. as is his special board. it's from sections. and. that makes jumping easier. very small hard wheels the harder they are. this may look but it requires a lot of effort at 35 as one of the more senior skaters around. but in reality forming tricks is physically demanding especially when you're doing 2 or 3 in a room. and it's mentally taxing to use
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a real risk of getting hurt. has turned his club or ski trip into real scotch or fans the world over and give him plenty of positive feedback. i guess a lot of messages some people tell me they enjoy my video even started skating because of the other people tell me they're trying to recreate certain stuff. but the one with the beer trains that makes me happy of course. in the spoof of baywatch a us action drama t.v. series about life guards on patrol pokes fun at himself. i thought it was funny to put on water waves and polite into a ridiculously shall do cool. for jumping intuition we have since it was a nice contrast and. i never tried to take myself seriously i always see we're just
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skating not seeing why use having fun with a board under our feet nothing more there's no reason to get arrogant was think you're better than anyone else which is about having fun of all. together a man does however miss one thing traveling all the other skaters are probably envious of his spot right by the eiffel tower. for tea lovers starting the day with a hot cup of brew is a must while tea 1st made its way to europe some 400 years ago from asia but now there are a handful of places here that also grow it well the oldest european teeth plantation is found in the azores a portuguese a group of islands in the atlanta max reporter henneberg belling headed there to find out more for our series europe to the max.
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today i'm visiting a tea plantation on the dogs. i thought i might make a cup of tea. and here i can do it from scratch this is where the feelings are pick and roll. your eyes checked and checked and whoever wants to taste the. time at the shark gauri on the tea plantation europe's oldest. they've been cultivating tea here since $883.00 madeline amata is in charge of the 6th generation family owned business. the production it seems hasn't changed much over the years. the azores are remote archipelago that belong to portugal they are located some 1500 kilometers out in the atlantic so me get the largest of the 9 islands is ideal for growing tea thanks to its mild climate here in his oars the
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land to hassett the roots by very big so makes the t.v. very fresh not accuracy so it's a. thankless called fresh because it's easy to drink. the tea is harvested between april and october today i'm helping out. the plantation is $45.00 pictures in size several times per season about 30 harvest workers head out to hand pick young teas sprouts each year the company produces about 40 tons of team. actually i'm just happy that i didn't have to take everything all in but this bag gets to be happy after what. you type of the for. ok people on the azores began growing t. some 200 years ago after the orange trade collapsed. and i only think like
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that the factory she's alive they're going to die so we are the ones that actors that. can do to. that effect or but i'm caught one day i'm going to go out. and then my. defector stay alive did they once come. the t.v. is harvested and then processed for this it must be transported to a t. factory and it. used to be several t.v. factories on the azores today shot goriot is the only one that. processing tea leaves take several hours in a 1st step i make sure the tea leaves dry and large bets. afterwards the tea leaves are rolled the machine circular motion damages the leaf
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so walt lovingston fluid to seep out and interact with oxygen that's what gives the process its characteristic smell. yeah. yeah let me make that. yeah but. i don't believe that. there are $3000.00 t.v. righties though they all originate from one and the same plant where the plants are grown which leaves and varieties are processed determines their flavor. because there are no pests on the azores shocked oriana tea is grown without the use of artificial chemicals. the company produces black green and. finally the time has come to sample the carpets but for the ceremony where.
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because. you so to drink coffee yes the morning i drink one coffee because coffee make you. team make you folk gifted people and so teach everything it's a tree it's a job it's what you need. and so my fantastic visit to charbroil re on the tea plantation comes to and. to be honest i'm a passionate coffee drinker but also experience to day how much manual work and dedication is put into the production here i see a cup of tea with completely different eyes. and we have a brand new book to accompany our europe to the max reports featuring 111 extreme places in europe that you should not miss now if you would like
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a copy of this book then enter our viewers draw just go to our website for all of the details. so how about a succulent printed vegan steak that's right you heard me correctly printed now one startup in spain has been experimenting with ways of producing healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to meet the result is a 3 d. printer which turns out edible cuts we headed to barcelona to find out more. in the kitchen at the require me restaurant north of barcelona chef trust that. is preparing to steaks but only one is a piece of real meat. the one on the bright is an imitation. well this is a normal course of feel the other came from a 3 d. printer going to be hard to believe it's their duty. the texture is almost exactly the scene doesn't meet. i stated fresh from the printer it's
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no longer science fiction we find out how it tastes later. it's the creation of biomedical engineer. who started the meat has developed the 1st take from the fed protein to be 3 d. printed and it's thoroughly began but the look and feel of a real steak. there are many alternatives on the markets right there in. the image such as hamburger meat guns or sausages. but we have a beef. with the take sure beef. is the 1st of it's trying. to go to. the steak is made of powdered pricing p. protein algae fiber and bread be chouse for coloring the printers job is to press
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the raw makes church into thin fibers the device is still a prototype it takes 20 to 40 minutes to printout one state. to 3 dimensions into the printer. it's very clear. it's the internal external structure of the cuts and. you need substitutes have enjoyed growing popularity for years besides the veggie burgers and just start of the world working on artificial cuts that look can taste like the real thank. the new text 3 d. company in israel has developed a biotechnological process for printing layers have to meat from animal stem cells to these growing to become steaks. each just company. special fire reactors on the basis of the birds
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they make without slaughtering. any imitations really measure to conventional. as if you eating. on the other. sustainable. barcelona have also been investigating the 3 distinct among other things a research sustainable food technologies the younger generation is especially turning to traditional. experience a coup systems of different forms of production i don't think meat will disappear just because alternatives are available. the consumption of other sources of crude
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and products will grew and popularity. the taste of his steak. restaurant. is an expert on fine meat including japanese. as well as exotic kangaroo and. the restaurant's kitchen the to test the progress of the 3 d. printed steak and compare it to the animal sourced original. i think. it's hurt to use it we will find the right moment for a test run. in a month or 2 we'll be offering something better in the not subsist or currently funded restaurant. in order for a bit and very soon the seante plans to put his feet stake into production and
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offer it to a wider public. when the german sculptor jesse straights never gives you a jacket socks or even a pair of underwear you'd better take a good look at them before trying them on that's because the artist creates her works out of wood but the objects looks so much like the real thing that she's even managed to anger some gallery visitors who couldn't tell the difference and it's precisely this reaction the strakes nurse going for. shoes underwear and rejected. the all belong to jesse st so. he might look like weights in deceptively realistic but in fact they're heavy and totally unwearable the items are inside me to boot and then we still have she moves to close a point is the main point is making extra hard material. and that makes me happy
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i just love to talk recreate lucian that it's about. it's really not stuff that's worked in. the german auction solid wooden garments not only in the teeth fabrics texture. the banal and routine to their simplicity. to complete this rink. she starts with the plucking fruit and some piece of paper. you keep in mind if you were holding his coach how can a can be object into this blanket what how will it end up hanging how does the trick down every fabric has differently the raincoat is more jacob and only in its trade i can't just invent folds the viewer what you stand there and think in a faltering correct they would just look and say that something's not right. there
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must be. jesse shares her workshop and unix box districts with her father. before her training and would stop saying she had planned to become a primary school teacher but once during think she helped her father and discovered her love to be working. but rather than carve the classic figures of saints and crucifixes tradition with her she received. this is 10 so for instance that luke says it's. it's just been so you cannot. defeat. us hide the figures always hang on the wall because they're especially sacred and magical and human and to many people close are very sacred to magical and so by having them hang on the wall i'm trying to maintain a certain distance to the object and give the everyday items this simple sock thing
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and for his look good. galleries are beginning to take notice of 29 year reaches he strikes even if there would preach and still. enthusiastic response from the public in particular their underwear. once i had a visitor who came into a gallery when i was present and she was just outraged saying what kind of an installation is this because she thought it was real underwear and she was so embarrassed that she even got to see it but i thought it was a fantastic it gives me satisfaction in my work that she thought it was real underwear i take that positively and not negatively. the streets knows wouldn't garments have now found a new purpose. the concrete sculptures by german artists. were dressed with her collection for an exhibition i was on i think gallery in amsterdam.
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and finally the queen no once referred to her husband prince philip as having been her strength and stay all these years now he's passed away at the age of 99 after spending his final days at windsor castle he'll be remembered for his right sense of humor devotion to his family and unfailing duty to his country and on that somber note we finish the show with a look back at his extraordinary life for me in the rest of the crew here thanks for watching we'll see you again soon.
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in. fact i have. been. in the. back.
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of. the mountain and in the. interim and. in the. what's going on here oh no it's a house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shift explains delivers facts and shows what the future holds.
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good living in the digital world shift. in 15 minutes on d w. passengers here are informed by. drivers here need nerves of steel. while passengers here can get an eyeful along the way. taxis accommodate passengers all over the world. the drive costs even. read. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday on d w. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established itself. both religious and. secular leaders display their power. speed. and create the tallest biggest most beautiful structures. stone masons from builders architects with each other. this is called massive churches create a. contest the book. stores.
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on t.w. . this is deja vu news that live from berlin 1st counting is underway in chad's presidential election incumbent interest debbi is expected to extend his 30 year rule we go live to the capital also coming up the battle to succeed angela merkel is heating up 2 men declared bits to leave the conservatives in germany selections . and
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a printing revolution activists in myanmar are putting pen to paper to get their message out and made an internet chucked out. on him hamish welcome to the program polls have closed in chance presidential election and 1st counting is under way leading opposition politicians have boycotted the vote and president it just debby is expected to be reelected for 6 ton and extend his 30 year grip on power. very calm and relaxed. president he did used to be is one of the wrong serving readers enough reka. i mean the heavy security he was the 1st to cast about it is the 6th consecutive election he has voted in. none of the. done we have
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the vote we're going to go home now and then wait for the voters to decide their fate. on this planet and disappointed. this man says he has voted in 5 elections over the last 13 years on sunday he decided to break or to paul because he believes he's bored to me of a county is jane funny i have a family and the situation is but if you think they'd be will really addicted but he must change the situation if not it will be worse i know he will be 1st round from the bottom of my heart i'm not supporting but a part of the miniature dns share his frustration members of the opposition and anti-government activist called for the barrel to be boycotted the people of china generally decided to stay at their homes because they're saying that they have been
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voting for at least 5 times and all these 5 times there has been no change so there's no point of them going out to vote. at least 7300000 charity and i vote but in the cup to shoot tightened up this lady is a 1st time voter but she came with high expectations his vision is i want there to be more peace in chad he's already peace but we need more than that. we need social cohesion. in office for 3 decades president they'd be remains a strong partner for the west in the fight against islamic jihad the east the top part the sahara region but back home he's popularity is diminishing resistance accuse him of crunching the country into deep poverty and also encouraging their
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parties even and the corruption. well let's cross over now to fred with a new who isn't life for us in the capsule maina so fred what more can you tell us about these exit polls. as many people have been saying president idriss deby is expected to win this one because the opposition has been saying that he doesn't have in a chair in jail so it's like one mind sure. that's what it is they know that at the end of the day i mean people walk up to cast their votes but at the end of the day they know that there is no one is going to be president. and as you say your report also highlighted some of this voter apathy towards this presidential election for an international audience just explain to us why people have become so disillusioned. i mean this is
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this is a president who has been in power for 30 years that people have been listening to what he has to say their promises for devolved from and for freedom for free speech for democracy and they're saying that none of his promises has actually materialized you know so they have been listening to what he has to say for almost 30 years for the kids and nothing has really happened that's why they're saying that we needed something new we need that someone new who can do something new because they don't have any trust in him or for a politician who has been there for 3 decades and nothing has has achieved now fred we also know that a human rights groups like human rights watch has been describing a crackdown in the lead up to the vote including instead black house and also arrests what are the chances for accountability going forward.
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accountability that something i mean on international day of which at the end are always looking up. international community to has never been happening no one is there to rebuke president idriss deby and then back or he is a strong man he is no one speaks and those who they are to speak out they have. received intimidations others have seen their families killed others and prison so when it comes to accountability they're just waiting to see probably a miracle to happen all right that is fed with a new life for us in the chad capital and jim and i thank you so much fred. the 2 men are going head to head hoping to succeed angela merkel the various marcus service says he's ready to lead germany's conservatives in the general election and
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then there is aman last that he is the leader of merkel's c.d.u. party and the governor of germany's most populous state both want with failure he was the favorite but some are now urging him to step aside in favor of he's chief of the saviour's conservative sister party in the state of a very and his national profile has grown during the pandemic and both say that they are ready to take on the top job. of clear we've announced that we're ready to stand this candidates for the chance of the ship. and we've agreed it should be a good process. as we set off towards this shared goal involving both parties and of course together with a parliamentary group. and. a suitable and both of us are ready it's important that we share respect for one another i can
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say 1st off regardless of how the final decision turns out we work together very very well. well d w chief political editor mikhail akutan a says sadr has put lash it on the back foot. i finally declaring his readiness to run as chancellor candidate for i'm going to malcolm's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. union but various state premier marco has put. the c.d.u. leader on the defensive he was initially seen as a given to succeed angela merkel on the conservative ticket here in germany when germany goes to the polls on the 26th of september now will have to fight and he will have to fight within his own c.d.u. party because his now rival marco suitor wants to leave it up to the c.d.u. to decide so the coming hours and days may see a lot of party fight and debate with the various state premier vowing that he won't
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look back in anger if it's not his name on the ticket this is once again a departure if there ever was a plan for the succession of anglo macko and it shows a significant lack of stability within the c.d.u. at a moment of crisis for the whole country in the midst of a pandemic. let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world iran is calling an incident at one of its nuclear facilities and act of sabotage and terrorism officials reported electrical problems at the underground natanz plant the day after unveiling a new you brainy and centrifuges there iran says it reserves the right to retaliate . hundreds of yemenis are protesting against western in living conditions in the water and country protestors blocked off
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a major road in the southern port city of ada they want an end to power cuts and high prices yemen's internationally recognized government is fighting iran backed the rebels who control the capital sana'a. and german president to frank was assigned maya has visited the forma death count as a bush involved to mock the 76th anniversary of its liberation he warned against forgetting the crimes of the nazis more than 56000 people were killed which involved and it sounds like camps. now around 700 people have been killed in me and mars military crackdown since the beginning of the coup on saturday security forces killed more than 80 pro-democracy protesters in the city of bug authorities have shut out instead access once again as well as both the activists to come up with alternative ways to get their message out. the man wearing this mask who goes by the name lynn found he's the founder of an
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underground newsletter called molotov it's secretly distributed to thousands of readers across myanmar. it's a tough time at the moment we have to be interviewed wearing masks for. you know we're living under a lot of oppression at the moment we have to distribute the printed version of molotov ourselves because of the internet i would it. for writing revolutionary literature and then distributing it we could end up in prison for many years possibly 10 or more years we are sort of hoping to take you up. a huge risk but one that many like lynn found are prepared to take. some readers across the country download a p.d.f. version of the publication print them out on the street beat the physical copies in their local area. myanmar has
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a long history of underground publications. independent media is under severe threat. according to groups monitoring the crackdown in myanmar around 3000 people have been arrested since the military seized power in february and at least 700 people have been killed. the reasons that keep lin found and his fellow activists determined to fight for their freedom. was pretty solid even if one of us is arrested there are young people who will carry on producing the molotov newsletter even if only one of us is killed someone else will turn up when someone folds this molotov newsletter will continue to exist until the revolution is successful the blue dogs are facing. a revolution for now appears to have no end date in sight. anyone
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who's ever been to the spanish island of new york and knows that it is a favorite vacation spot among geminids but it's become a controversial destination with travel within germany was struck dead and biochar remaining open some accuse tourists flying there during the pandemic of being selfish. back home in berlin after a holiday in the sun when my your car was taken off the list of high risk best the nation's thousands of germans jumped at the chance and flew to the spanish island over the easter holidays under new rules anyone flying into germany has to provide a negative covert 1000 test before boarding the aircraft authorities in my york us grumbled to provide enough testing facilities people returning to berlin say the process wasn't too troublesome and they felt safe on the island. that's why we waited in line for about 2 and a half hours to get the swab the result came 4 hours later by email so it was
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relatively easy. it was a bit difficult to get a test but they have capacity there and i was able to get one i thought it was good how the spaniards reacted quickly so their german friends could come home. we are careful also in berlin we have rules. but in majorca life is certainly safer than when we go to the supermarket here or use public transport. going. north. trips to majorca has become controversial in germany many fear travel back and forth could spread the virus some complain that the tourists are selfish but travelers say the measures in place on the island and for air travel reassure them and they are confident they're not bringing the virus back with them. now mission control those have delayed the 1st flight of not as many helicopter was
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technical issues emerged during testing of the roaches before takeoff the engineer as he helicopter is set to make the 1st powered and controlled flight on a planet other than earth and travel to maz attached to the rover perseverance nasa has pushed back the flights by a few days. the city of a new flight from the island up next is our tech show shift taking a look at the world of easeful it's a see you soon take. every day. for us and for our planet. the idea is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make cities scream or how can we protect animals and their habitats and what to do
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with all our waste we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling for disposable smart new solutions for overstaying sending our. earth is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive google ideas the environmental soon to global 3000 on t w and all. the hype around e-sports is real competitive video gaming has been on the rise for years and in 2020 it attracted over 400000000 viewers in some countries gaming is even part of national college but with the success come new challenges e-sports i want topic on shift today.
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in 1909 the multiplayer 1st person shooter a video game counter strike was released today the international counterstrike tournaments with millions of us this would have been unthinkable to play s 20 years ago for one thing the internet back then was often too slow for opponents to play on. time so they had to have local area network or parties beyond that no one dreamed you could money through gaming the daughter to tournament the international is one of the world's biggest sports events this year's prize pool is almost 35000000 year olds no doubt this contributions to the popularity of your sports which even the coronavirus and make didn't dampen. these sports fans live moments like these. but when piranha hits gaming tournament like. how to be how to actually. even larger audiences for the electronic sports league.
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any traditional sports or other entertainment events. so we've ensuring the e.s.l. pro league group stages before the playoffs we saw 3 times as many viewers as we hung jury in the playoffs last year. the playoffs in 2021 the top games are still fast pass and shooting games like counter-strike sucky games like the fat will fry the lesions on strategy games like league of legends to chew over the past few months and lots of people have also been playing balor end which combines the hero base shooter john rack with tactical gameplay what's the target or. not and games are still being developed to appeal to players but now they're also made to be fun to watch. valor and is therefore in a very good starting position. and because of its connection to leave legends or
8:19 pm
rather the target audience right it already has it has an easier access to the markets and other sports games markets undiluted sports your nonstop. league of legends still has huge numbers of fans around the world including wooden kim and young from seoul also dream of competing with top players in an international e-sports championship at south korea's capital does offer the best training conditions top east coast players like lee fake us a new york treated like pop star and is poised newcomers actively recruited the nuts and groans of all those a south korea's p.c. bounce which sounds exciting but it actually just means p.c. rooms. large internet the face with up to over 100 computers were ginning didn't sue took us to see what. it's saturday incentives and student districts and weston still the region engines who are good friends. and almost every day they
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meet at a p.c. . there are around 4500 of these internet cafes in solo and new ones open all the time. well there aren't as many prejudices today. before a few games a lot of people would see you as being addicted to computer games. but now if you were good but something to be proud of. times have changed here's a bit of my. game of choice is league of legends one of the most successful video games in the wild. teams of 5 people with different characters fight against one another the goal is to destroy the other team's banks. who did engine says both have computers at home but they prefer playing n.p.c. buying the venue so more than just places to play for many young south koreans
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they're an important part of their social lives. the day we were on route with woodridge and so happened to be a game day for the south korean league of legends leak a number of professional teams compete in the league and transfer fees for top players can be in the millions or euros almost like with soccer stars a match day many fans don't stay with the culture at home and so those who prefer to watch the games in you sports passed. this is retro game. although there's nothing retro about the game being shown today to top teams from the south korean league i played against each other. when the season is underway this is sports matches almost every day. and can't get enough of them that proper and that as they call themselves. the game is to go
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on will be a very good. gaming culture has definitely risen in pristine beach. gaming has become so popular that we could watch much as like these here and to be open and free. i think if you know there. are millions of fans and millions of euros and prizes and sponsorship that sounds like a success story but not everything in gaming is gold the one thing that struck me is that they are usually made the men in the top teams women. but in these boards especially in the professional sector laws they must less than their male colleagues and the ana juniper black is america and one of the best known few made you suppose cost us. she did commentary on you sports events for years mainly from european and chinese leaks for her one of the biggest problems in gaming is massaging the sexism in society is bad sexism and gaming is worse and that's not to
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take away all the good that gaming can do as a community because it can be simultaneously one of the most inclusive and wonderful communities and also one of the most vitriolic and hateful communities you know if you're on voice comms and you have a woman's voice you were instantly met with a bunch of backlash it's very easy to check just going to you to fall down one of those rabbit holes through really fun to watch this all of the vitriol all i can come out women when they're just trying to play the game at a casual and for fun level never mind at a professional level. often experience this herself. these days she only occasionally streams on twitch. she also gave a constant a while ago you sport scene which just to talk sic any of my male colleagues if i say anything it just means less than if they said it and after thousands of hours and thousands of statements just meeting less a venture you just can't take it anymore so is the industry doing anything. to
8:24 pm
improve the situation he put the question to chris organize a of the tournament. sports scene mirrors younger society many people spend time there on the cover of online on an embassy they say things that they probably wouldn't say in real life face to face. that's why it's important to implement rules here as well. you know or very strict about these. events during their broadcasts. that's the only way you can guarantee that anyone who wants to take part or watch can do so in a safe environment. there is still a lot to do with many of these balls are provided with adequate support and some end up quitting the game seen feeling frustrated that's not acceptable and it also means a lot of potential is being wasted so when might this change versa lucian's on the
8:25 pm
problem won't be fixed in the next 5 here is it will be fixed when i have children and i raise them to love video games as much as i do when and hopefully if they have an interest in it they become a part of this community that's when the problem will be fixed and it's interesting that it's one of the few areas where women and men there's no biological difference what you're competing and like we all agree that men can run faster than women and men are stronger than women by any sports you're not running or trying to move everything you want to mouse and keyboard so it should be a level playing field but because of the inherent. need that comes with it women aren't. all wow would really take up enough space to to get back good everybody should be able to make the most of their potential in east balls parliament operators even advertise with this promise it's a global market over in abidjan the largest city in the core d'ivoire many young people train hard every day after school. every afternoon after school young people
8:26 pm
fill this cafe it work in districted average on. a 5 year old city cracker yes it's found. you know i was 45 years old when i started playing video games at 1st we just watched our older brothers play my big brother had a computer as i grew older i started playing more too especially at university. and this passion into a profession these days he has a deep understanding of the gaming market as to becoming more popular. and across africa the industry is providing a frolic number of jobs and a number game and have big dreams. just play here to have fun i want to be the best and to be the best you have to keep playing i'm discovering. sidique back yoko wants to build the largest gaming community in africa he's
8:27 pm
working with a number of startups to help them develop games for the local market. we're starting to see a number of local studios entering the gaming market. very making content that contains the colors sounds and stories from here. you know what's up if this also allows africa to also be represented in the gaming universe don't you the market has a lot of potential internet and smartphone technology out. on the uptake in africa and 2 thirds of the population under $35.00 millions of gave us and many of the content with which they can identify not from games like craigslist and send us from south africa or the action role playing game coriander from cameroon there will hits. the line and the african market is still comparatively small.
8:28 pm
but thanks to gaming tasiast like see it exactly how this could soon change. the east coast market in africa is booming according to one study the continent's annual you suppose audience of was 30000000 in 2020 and is expected to rise to 53000000 by 2023 no wonder at the plant africa series attracted international investors professional teams from 16 african countries set to compete in the series what's your take on the market can you suppose be a global game changer one that drives innovation and helps regions flourish or have they being overhyped let us know on you tube facebook or the d w dot com and until next.
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